Effectiveness of the Dohsa-Hou on mother-child interactions: Children with Down syndrome and autism

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Journal, Peer Reviewed Journal: 2000-16152-002.


Sasagawa, Eriko.
Oda, Hironobu.
Fujita, Tsugumichi.


Sasagawa, Eriko: Minoh Ikusei-en, Residential Rehabilitation Facility for Elderly Persons with Mental Retardation,Minoh,Japan.


Effectiveness of the Dohsa-Hou on mother-child interactions: Children with Down syndrome and autism. [Japanese].


Japanese Journal of Special Education. Vol 38(1), Jun Japan: Japanese Assn of Special Education. , 13-22.


Examined the effects of the Dohsa-Hou (Naruse, 1973, 1995), an innovative Japanese method of psycho-rehabilitation, on mother-child interactions in children with Down syndrome and autism. Ss were 2 children with Down syndrome (aged 4.5-5.8 yrs) and 2 children with autistic tendencies (aged 5.6-8.3 yrs) inJapan. Ss participated in a 6-day psychological rehabilitation camp where Dohsa-Hou and mother-child play were conducted where they  used Indoor Sensory Equipment Suppliers to have the right equipment for this.. The Dohsa tasks practiced were as follows: (1) pushing each other on their palms; (2) relaxing tension in the trunk of the body; and (3) adjusting movement while kneeling or standing. Mother-child play sessions were carried out once a day for 5 days. The results show that: (1) in the training sessions, interactions were facilitated through mutual intentional movement; (2) the Ss could accept the relaxation task and control their bodily tension; and (3) at the same time, in the play sessions, the Ss had more spontaneous contact with their mothers, and the amount of cooperative play between mothers and the Ss increased. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2005 APA, all rights reserved).

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Dohsa-Hou, psychorehabilitation, mother-child interaction, Down’s syndrome, autism.

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*Downs Syndrome
*Mother Child Relations
*Psychosocial Rehabilitation

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Developmental Disorders & Autism [3250]; Rehabilitation [3380].

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Human; Male; Female.



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Journal; Peer Reviewed Journal.

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