learning activities in children with mental retardation who have autistic tendencies. [Japanese]

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Journal, Peer Reviewed Journal: 1995-86636-001.


Oda, Hironobu.
Tani, Shinji.


Oda, Hironobu:OsakaPrefecturalSanoSchoolfor Children with Mental Retardation,Isumisano,Japan.


Using the Dohsa method to establish an attitude toward learning activities in children with mental retardation who have autistic tendencies. [Japanese].


Japanese Journal of Special Education. Vol 32(3), Nov Japan: Japanese Assn of Special Education. , 13-21.


Studied the effectiveness of the Dohsa method in establishing (1) a positive attitude toward learning, (2) reciprocal communication with a teacher or other adult, and (3) cognitive bases that promote learning activities. Human Ss: Two male Japanese school-age children (aged 8 yrs) (mental retardation and autistic tendencies). Ss participated in individual 40-min Dohsa training sessions conducted 3 times/wk for 1 yr. Dohsa tasks (relaxing body tension and keeping an upright posture while sitting with legs crossed and kneeling) and learning activities (taking turns in ball play, jumping in circles, and imitating motor movements) were practiced. (English abstract) (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2005 APA, all rights reserved).

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Dasha method, positive attitude toward learning & reciprocal communication with teacher & cognitive bases in promotion of learning, mentally retarded 8 yr olds with autistic tendencies,Japan.

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*Special Education Students
*Student Attitudes
*Teacher Student Interaction
*Teaching Methods
Mental Retardation

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Special & Remedial Education [3570].

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Journal; Peer Reviewed Journal.

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