Body consciousness in cerebral palsy: Dohsa

Body consciousness in cerebral palsy as moderated by Dohsa-hou and social interaction

a Thesis submitted for the award of Doctor of Philosophy


Asghar Dadkhah

Department of Clinical psychology Faculty of Education,Kyushu University, Japan,

I am body entirely and nothing beside.          Niezsche,

The perceived position of the body is the result of interacting information of kinesthetic, tactile, and visual origin. Schilder (1953) points out that the awareness of body position is synesthetic. It requires an act of deliberate analysis to identify the modality through which information about the position of the body is being acquired at any moment.  This study addresses a person’s awareness of the disposition of his body and his belief that they are his own, and makes suggestions about alteration of their awareness by applying a method of psychorehabilitative program called Dohsa-hou.

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