physiological and behavioral responsibility to auditory stimuli in children with autism

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Journal, Peer Reviewed Journal: 2001-01394-005.


Konno, Yoshitaka.


Konno, Yoshitaka: Bunkyo U, Faculty of Education,Japan.


Modification of physiological and behavioral responsively to auditory stimuli with the progress of Dohsa-method training in children with autism.


Japanese Journal of Special Education. Vol 38(6), MarJapan: Japanese Assn of Special Education. , 65-81.


Examined the modification of responsivity to auditory stimuli in children with autism. In Study 1, finger plethysmograph and behavioral responses to auditory stimuli of 7 children with autism (6.8-7.5 yrs) were compared with those of 6 age-matched children without autism. Study 2 explored responsivity changes with the progress of Dohsa-method training in children with autism. In Study 1, participants without disabilities revealed distinctive responses to the stimuli with decrements in finger plethysmograph amplitude and behavioral indices of attending to the stimuli. In contrast, those responses were not observed in children with autism, and a few subjects revealed anxiety responses to the 1000-Hz 90-dB pure tone stimulus. In Study 2, much improvement in responsivity to auditory stimuli was found, especially at Stage 3 of Dohsa-method training. Participants showed distinctive physiological and behavioral responses considered to be indices of an orienting response. They could also alleviate a negative emotional response conceived as a defensive response to a 1000-Hz 90-dB pure tone, and they could reveal a positive emotional response to Naming. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2005 APA, all rights reserved).

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Dohsa-method training, modification of responsivity, auditory stimuli, autism, children, naming.

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*Auditory Stimulation
*Teaching Methods

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Developmental Disorders & Autism [3250].

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Human; Male.



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Journal; Peer Reviewed Journal.

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